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Karen Bailey


Obsidian Mine by Karen Bailey

Obsidian Mine

Seven children are ripped from their home in the middle of the night – for laboratory experiments.

She loses her mother to the insanity of her once beloved father, who destroyed her once happy home. Her mother sacrifices everything for the mysterious children locked in a lab, vowing to return them home. Jennifer promises her mother she will free them and bring them home, leaving her young life behind assuming responsibility for her newfound family and her sister. When danger lurks, and she cannot make the meeting to reunite the children with their mysterious leader, she leaves a hint hoping he will understand.

Obsidian’s Amulet

Grace is in a new world; her sister Jennifer is in her new home, claimed and cherished by the King of Rashwa.

Grace is offered a home, but she’s unable to settle. She watches her sister, the new Queen of Rashwa, a strange and magical land at one time. A few years ago, Grace had her future set, her path was mapped, her brilliance praised, accepted at a young age to studying medicine—she wanted to help people, like her mother!

Obsidian_s Amulet by Karen Bailey, book two in the Rashwa series, paranormal romance series