Grace is in a new world; her sister Jennifer is in her new home, claimed and cherished by the King of Rashwa.

Grace is offered a home, but she’s unable to settle. She watches her sister, the new Queen of Rashwa, a strange and magical land at one time. A few years ago, Grace had her future set, her path was mapped, her brilliance praised, accepted at a young age to studying medicine—she wanted to help people, like her mother!

Now, she’s a tagalong. She doesn’t belong here; the children are home, and her purpose and her world doesn’t exist. Grace is haunted by her past and the secrets she can’t let go of. She plans her departure from Rashwa and vows revenge on her once-beloved father. Grace will do anything to keep her sister and her new family safe. Unable to stop him before, she will stop him now. She no longer cares about herself, because her father ruined any dreams she had. At least her beloved sister Jennifer will be happy.

Bernard watches Grace. He knows she has secrets and he’s determined to know what they are. Bernard has waited his whole life for someone like Grace.

“Nevar’s mate Jennifer’s sister thinks she escapes my reach. I am the protector of the Realm of Rahswa, but also her protector, whether she wants it or not.”

Content warning:

This book contains explicit sex and power exchange, violence and death. It’s a long road to the HEA, but they will get there.

Obsidian_s Amulet by Karen Bailey, book two in the Rashwa series, paranormal romance series

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